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DIY thanksgiving party ideas

The holidays were no less than insane for Anticipation Events.  Between holidays parties to plan, a couple of winter weddings to coordinate and some pretty exciting press we received I also planned your Thanksgiving dinner party for you in Marie Claire.  My first full page article and my first byline in all capital letters.  It was a good way to wrap up a great year.  Read the whole article here.

november article

marie claire feature: april 2013

We’re at it again, buying multiple copies of Marie Claire magazine just to see that sweet, sweet byline in print again!  And yes, the lady at Target is still giving us looks about it.

Pick up a copy and throw a little “email incineration” party to spring clean your inbox.  Unless of course, you’re Elizabeth’s mom and none of your friends have laptops.  #partyfail


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marie claire feature: DIY handmade house party ideas

hello lovelies.  are you out there?  well if you are please go pick up a copy of Marie Claire Magazine and check out the article I wrote for them!  It’s in the “Entertaining” section and called “Shake Up Your Next House Party.”  My editor (that will never get old) wanted some fun twists on winter parties you can throw at home: Superbowl, Oscars, Mardi Gras and Valentine’s Day.  I just might celebrate this accomplishment by throwing one of these little shindigs.  You should too!  C’est bon!

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