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lucky in love.

I just had to share this lovely email from one of my very first clients.  It really makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Hi Elizabeth,

I don’t know if you continue to follow wedding blogs after the wedding, but I wanted to tell you about my latest post-wedding life event… Dave and I had a baby last week!  Her name is Harper Wells, and she’s so far just fantastic at being a baby.  She eats and sleeps well and mostly complains about totally reasonable things that need to be fixed.  We’re very lucky.  Dave and I still talk about how great it was to have you run our wedding day, so I wanted you to know that we are happier than ever.
Hope all is well with you!

Such a cool job I have.  Such lovely people I meet.

save-the-date rodeo.

So to follow-up with my last blog post about save-the-dates, I thought I would post the other save-the-date ideas I had saved in my “paper” folder as inspiration.  I have bombed on tracking the sources, but hopefully they’ll inspire you.  Happy crafting!