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forget me knodt flowers grand opening party

A week ago today my dear friend Janessa held a grand opening party for her new flower shop Forget Me Knodt.  I had the pleasure of coordinating for her and spent the day in the store getting it prepped for the literally hundreds of guests who showed up, packed the store and poured out onto the sidewalk.  Everyone I talked to that night kept commenting on how many people showed up (in the pouring rain, no less) to show their support for Janessa, so you know she’s obviously going to be a super successful megastar.

The lovely folks from Fig Catering brought in delicious snacks and an amazing Forget Me Knodt cocktail garnished with a fresh flower that everyone had at least four of.  Neil Dixon Smith provided some tunes that sounded amazing even though I crammed him onto a stool in the corner and Janessa’s friends at Baker & Nosh sent over delicious desserts.

As I am wont to do, I hitched a bit of my wagon to her shooting star.  She placed the very first wholesale order from Bad Loo Loo and I couldn’t have been more ecstatic about it.  I really can’t believe that an adorable boutique like hers carries my prints, pillows, mugs and tea towels.  It’s starting to make me think….

day of coordinationday of coordinationday of coordinationday of coordinationday of coordinationday of coordination

I’m lucky to know such a wonderful person who I get to work with and also call my friend.  Congrats on your amazing success Janessa and I really can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next.  Hopefully a day off and a very long nap! xo

marie claire feature: april 2013

We’re at it again, buying multiple copies of Marie Claire magazine just to see that sweet, sweet byline in print again!  And yes, the lady at Target is still giving us looks about it.

Pick up a copy and throw a little “email incineration” party to spring clean your inbox.  Unless of course, you’re Elizabeth’s mom and none of your friends have laptops.  #partyfail


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