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cbs chicago’s ask a chicago expert: yep, that’s me!

Recently I was one of the experts in CBS Chicago’s, Best of Chicago: ‘Ask an Expert’ series.  Who am I to argue with that?  The article features tips for hosting a baby shower but can be applied to any shower or party in general.

You can check the whole article out here!

cbs chicago article

DIY baby shower invitations

So I have this friend who is a twin.  We met in second grade, well, I actually met her twin sister Lindsey because Lindsey was in my class.  I didn’t even know there was another one when I did the unthinkable: I invited Lindsey but not Melissa to my second grade birthday party.  In my defense (besides the defense where I didn’t know she existed) who invites people to their birthday parties when they have never met?  Needless to say, my birthday party was killer and she never got over it.  Luckily, she has let me spend the past 25 or so years making up for it.

So when she found out she was expecting, you know I got on that like white on rice.  Take a little look-see at the invitations that I made for her baby shower.  Hank’s nursery has an alphabet/ transportation theme and Melissa painted an incredible mural on one of the walls, so I used that as my inspiration.  Behold: B is for boy.find a wedding planner